AMMUN 2020

Thursday January 9th, 2020 or should I say 2050, what aday ! You might be wondering what happens on that day, well it’s that time of the year of the international edition of theAMMUNAndré Malraux Model United Nations. This incredible event became real through the work, commitment and dedication of the respectable presidency, Mehdi Rais, Aymane Bouzaidi, Lilya Belghiti Alaoui, and Maha Temre. The presidency was assisted by a group of student staffs and student media to cover this three days event.

Day 1 starts with the arrival of the honourable presidency, fellow delegates, helpful staff and useful media, between 8 and 9 o’clock. Installation in the auditorium,followed by the general assembly at 9.  The ceremony opened with a brilliant teaser that put into highlight the topic of this conference which is dystopia in 2050, a projective reflexion over an imaginary society that would have emerged after something terrible has happened. To continue, Mrs Churlet, the principal at the Lycée Français International André Malraux (LFIAM) hosting the event, did a nice and short speech in order to congratulateand encourage all the students participating in the conference. Thereafter our astounding presidencystood-up one after the other to delivermagnificent speeches in four different languages: French, English, Spanish and Arabic.

Then took place, a pleasant musical relaxation made by a trumpet player, a clarinettist and two angel voices.This was followed by everyone goingoutside fora little refreshing tea, the buffet looked very appetizing and the atmosphere wasextremely cheerful.

After this little break, the second session of the General Assembly started with the ambassador of China, DPRK, Russia and the United-States presentingtheir speeches in order to debate with the other delegations. Generally, the showdowns were very lively, dynamic but also entertaining and amusing with of course a touch of irony and madness especially from the United-States and China ambassadors.The fourth ambassadors all had somethingvery special. Three of them wereformer students at the LFIAM and the other one was from Paris.

Finally, the lunch break took place at 12:30. A convivial moment to discuss and discover pupils from other schools and other countries that were invited to participate in this conference. It was an agreeable, soothing, restfuland distracting little time especially thanks to the organised work provided by the amazing staff.

At 14:30, end of the introduction, place to the real stake, debates and of course to the gossip box ! This second and final part of the day is clearly and certainly the most important, the most interesting, the most enriching, impressive and above all the funniest one.Four different languages, eight different committees, eight different topics, sixteen different chairs and two hundreddetermined and passionate delegates and chairs.Human Rights, Ethics Disarmament, Security Council, Economic and Social committee, World Health organization, special Political Committee and United Nations environment program: so many subjects, so much work and research, so much willpower, investment, determination but also in some cases so much improvisation and creativity.

Each committee has its particularity and its charm, each one is unique just like each chair, delegate, staff or even media covering the debates.The committee members were very active and enterprising, the floor was very well shared. Delegates had  good interactions,where ideas and arguments were clearly exposed, rules were respected and obviously everything has beendone with pleasureandfun as it was clearly the case in the Human Right Committee as well as in theEconomic and SocialCommittee.

After witnessing this fantastic day, I will conclude this article with a remarkable quote pronounced but the General Secretary during the General Assembly inviting you to « become actor of your own reality ». What a day!

AMMUN Media and Press Team ( MRZ)

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