The race against famine has been created by the organization “ACTION CONTRE LA FAIM “to collect money for the children who are living in poverty and this organization collects money to help them because they are in need.

“La course contre la faim” which means: run against starvation is a pedagogical project. It allows students showing solidarity towards vulnerable victims of starvation in all over the world.

This initiative has involved more than 1300 educational establishments and more than 280.000 in France and overseas during the year 2016.

The target is to sensitize the youth on starvation and how to contribute actively in helping people whom suffering from starvation, by collecting funds during the run which is organized each year whereas every student give a certain amount for each rounds of the run.

By El Attiqui Rim

Radi 6B : Our school “André Malraux” is helping “ACTION CONTRE LA FAIM” by sensitizing the students to run and collect money for the Ethiopians children who are living below the poverty level. This money will be used to buy food, build schools …We are proud to take part each year.

Othmane hachad  6A: For those kids who are starving in many countries, we sensitize our parents to pay money for this race, for each lap our parents pay some money (10,15,5 DHS). We ran last Friday, May 12th , 2017 in  Moulay Abdellah’s stadium, Rabat: Morocco. Some people ran, others walked. We collected a lot of money!!! My classmates and  I (the 6°A) collected 2850 DHS!! I swear, we are going to collect a lot of money.

Ghali Charif 6 A: My classmates and I ran to help Ethiopian children. These children are starving and they are seriously sick and they are exposed to several diseases (Anorexia, Anemia…) or even death. But we did our best to help them have a better life.


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