Reading Challenge 2017 !

The reading challenge is an activity in Arabic and English, which consists in choosing a story, then make a poster and illustrate it, and make a short remarry on the story. Then the students will explain their choice and why did they liked it. In the course of two weeks the poster has to be finished, and finally the students will present it in front of three classes from the same level.

My friends and I knew that we are winners, but the most important thing in this experience is not to win or to loose, but it’s to participate. My classmates and I have enjoyed the reading challenge!



El Attiqui Rim 6ème C: I chose Harry Potter because it is a story full of imagination and passionate adventures. The book also contains a rich vocabulary and it was an opportunity for me to learn new words. The book is special because when I started reading it I hoped it would never end. I really love this book and I recommend it to everyone, especially those who like reading fantastic adventures.



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